Conferences Invited

○ (Invited) KAIST Colloquium Neural PDE Solvers toward Digital Twin: Theory and Applications, 2023.6.8. KAIST
○ (Invited) Gauss Colloquium PDE Solvers toward Digital Twin: Theory and Applications, 2023.4.19. SNU
○ (Invited) GIST Colloquium Data Science and Mathematical Models : The key to solving industrial and social problems, 2023.3.30, GIST
○ (Invited) 산업 및 사회문제 해결의 열쇠: 데이터과학과 수학모델, KWMS Winter Workshop, 2023.02.14
○ (Invited) 산업 및 사회문제 해결의 열쇠: 데이터과학과 수학모델, 산학학회, 2023.02.13
○ (Invited) 산업 및 사회문제 해결의 열쇠: 데이터과학과 수학모델, 한림원 원탁토론회, 2022.11.18
○ (Invited) 산업 및 사회문제 해결의 열쇠: 데이터과학과 수학모델, 부산대 콜로퀴옴, 2022.11.02.
○ (Invited) 데이터와 수학모델이 공존하는 법2022 Spring SAARC Colloquium, KAIST 2022.04.08 Online
○ (Invited) Neural network approach in mathematical biology, 2022 KMS Spring Conference, Focus Session, April 28~29, Online
○ (Invited) Neural network approach in mathematical biology, 2 March 2022, UC Riverside The Applied Math & PDE seminar, USA
○ (Invited) Deep Neural Network Approach to PDEs and its applications to COVID-19 spread model, 21 March 2022, USC Colloquium, USA
○ (Invited) Deep Neural Network Approach to PDEs, East Asian Workshop on Partial Differential Equations in Fluid Dynamics, 25t~27 January, 2022 Tokyo Institute of Technology
○ (Invited) Deep Neural Network Approach to Mathematical Biology, 2021 Winter Meeting of KSMB, 16~18 December 2021, Jeju Korea
○ (Invited) POSTECH Minds & Mathematical AI, POSTECH Minds Workshop 19-20 November 2021, Gyeongju Korea
○ (Invited) Deep Neural Network Approach to Mathematical Biology, ReaDiNet 2021: An online conference on mathematical biology 25~29 Oct. 2021, France-Japan-Taiwan-Korea
○ (Invited) Plenary Speaker, COVID-19 & Mathematical AI, KSMB 2021 Annual Conference, Jeju, August 27~29, 2021
○ (Invited) Deep Neural Network Approach to PDEs, A Workshop for Computational Mathematics and Imaging, Hongcheon, August 18~20, 2021

○ (Invited) Deep Neural Network Solutions of PDEs and Applications to COVID-19 spread model, 이화여대 수리과학연구소 Workshop, 20 December, 2020
○ (Invited) 수학적 모델을 적용한 COVID-19 확산 분석과 정책효과, 지역 맞춤형 코로나19 수리모델링 워크숍, 부산 벡스코, 18 Sept. 2020, 대한수학회&국가수리과학연구소
○ (Invited) A wandering mathematician in machine learning, KAIST SRC 확률 해석 및 응용연구센터 워크숍, 20 July 2020
○ (Invited) What, How, What can mathematics contribute in machine learning, AI workshop, KMS, June 19, 2020
○ (Invited) 인공지능, 수학으로 한걸음 더 나아가기, STRONG Korea Forum, 한국경제신문 & 과기부, May 27 2020
○ (Invited) Deep Neural Network Approach to kinetic Fokker-Planck Equations, Mini workshop on kinetic theory, Shanghai JaoTung University, 9 January 2020
○ (Invited) Inaugural France-Korea Conference in Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, and Partial Differential Equations, Bordeaux , France, November 21-23, 2019
○ (Invited) SyNAPSE Kick-Off Workshop on Computation for Brain Imaging, Singapore, October 14, 2019
○ (Invited) ReaDiNet 2019: Mathematical analysis for biology and ecology, Nancy, France, September 23~25, 2019
○ (Invited) Jeju Workshop on Recent advances in nonlocal kinetic, fluid and diffusive PDEs, August 19-23, 2019
○ (Invited) NEAR : Neighborhood Edge AggregatoR for Graph Classification, AI Korea 2019, Yonsei University, AI Society, KCC, July 25-26, 2019
○ (Invited) SRC meeting for probabilistic analysis and its applications, Muju Resort, July 18-19, 2019
○ (Invited) Computational and Deep Learning Methods for Brain Research, SYNAPSE WORKGROUP MEETING ON COMPUTATION FOR BRAIN IMAGING SINGAPORE, 10-12 JULY 2019
○ (Invited) Endpoint Temperature Prediction model for LD Converters Using Machine-Learning Techniques, KSIAM Annual Meeting, Yonsei University, May, 17, 2019
○ (Invited) Token Economy in Blockchain, IBRC Workshop, POSTECH, March 28, 2019
○ (Invited) Mathematical models in immunology, 1st International symposium on interdisciplinary approaches to integrative understanding of biological signaling networks, Tokyo, Japan, February 1-2, 2019
○ (Invited) 수학을 통한 미래핵심기술 들여다보기, 다빈치교양대학 학술대회, 중앙대학교, December 21, 2018
○ (Invited) Well-posedness of global weak solutions for the Landau equation, 2018 PDE workshop in Jeonju, Korea, October 26~27, 2018
○ (Invited) Cancer prediction methodology through feature selection using miRNA data, iTIP 2018, Exco, Korea, Sept. 14~15, 2018
○ (Invited) Mathematical approach to Machine learning algorithm: GAN and Optimal control problem, AI KOREA 2018, Coex, Korea, July 26-27, 2018
○ (Invited) Chemotaxis model in the immunology, Workshop on PDEs from biology, ecology and life sciences: models and analysis, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, July 10-11, 2018
○ (Invited) Dynamics of singularities in dissipative kinetic equations, AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, Taipei, Taiwan, July 5-9, 2018.
○ (Invited) 국회 산업수학 심포지엄, 패널토론, May 18, 2018
○ (Invited) Conference on Math to Industry, SNU, Korea, May 18~19, 2018
○ (Invited) Modeling Immunity, CAU workshop on chemotaxis and related topics, Feb.26-27, 2018, Chung-Ang Univ.
○ (Invited) Panel discussion ‘Activation of Industrial Mathematics for Job Creation’, Dasan Conference (다산학회) Dec. 1-2, 2017, Novotel Hotel, Busan
○ (Invited) “Review on Mathematics beneath machine learning”, Seminar, Nov. 28, 2017, Dept. of Statistics, Seoul National University
○ (Invited) “Mathematical models in the immune system”, Oct. 25, 2017, 한국 물리 학회, 생물물리 세션, Kyeongju, Korea
○ (Invited) “Mathematical models in the immune system”, ReaDiNet 2017: International Conference on Mrhathematical Biology, Oct.11 ~ 15, 2017, NCTS, Taiwan

○ (Invited) MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY WORKSHOP FOR ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTIONARY PROBLEMS, “Mathematical Models in Immunology”, Dec. 12 ~Dec. 16, 2016, NIMS, Korea
○ (Invited) 2016 annual conference of GDRI ReaDiNet "Reaction-Diffusion Systems in Mathematics and Biomedecine", “Chemotaxis arising in Immunology” September 18 ~23, 2016, Fréjus, France
○ (Invited) Second French-Korean Conference in Mathematics Institut de Mathématiques IMB, “Regularity in dissipative kinetic equations”, July 4-, 2016, Univ. of Bordeaux, France
○ (Invited) Workshop on Harmonic Analysis and PDEs, “Chemotaxis arising in Immunology”, July 21 ~ 22, 2016, Chosun Univ., Korea
○ (Invited) 7th Pacific Rim Conference on Mathematics, June 27 – July 1, 2016, SNU, Korea
○ (Invited) June 23-25, 2016, International Conference on Navier-Stokes equations and related PDEs in honor of Prof. Hijun Choi, NIMS, Korea
○ (Invited) June 20- 14, 2016, KIAS CMC conference on Analysis, Geometry, and Optimal transport, KIAS, Korea
○ (Invited) 2016 KAIST CMC Mathematical Biology Conference on “Kinetic models and traveling wave phenomenon in mathematical biology”, KAIST, Korea, April 18-22, 2016
○ (Invited) February 27-29, 2016, Workshop on biomath, Jeju, Korea
○ (Invited) October 26 - 29, 2015, International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Applications, “ Modeling and Analysis in immunology”, Meiji University, Japan
○ (Invited) KAIST CMC PDE/Inverse Problems Workshop, “Stability, instability, and bifurcation in electrified thin films”, KAIST, Korea, Dec. 5-6, 2014
○ (Invited) An international meeting "From Mechanics to Geometry" in honor of Marshall Slemrod's 70th birthday, “The Fokker-Planck Equation in bounded domains”, Seoul National University, Korea, May 26-29, 2014
○ (Invited) KSIAM annual meeting, “Boundary value problems in Vlasov theory”, Jeju National University, Jeju, Korea, November 22-24, 2013
○ (Invited) 2013 NIMS-KMRS PDE Conference on reaction diffusion equations for ecology and related problems, “A Mathematical Model of T Helper Cell Differentiation”, KAIST, Korea, October 22-25, 2013
○ (Invited) Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, April 22-26, 2013
○ (Invited) Quantization Blow-up and Concentration in Mathematical Physics Point of Views - Celebration for Professor Takashi Suzuki's 60's birth party Osaka University, Japan, March 26-28, 2013
○ (Invited) , The 4th workshop on PDEs of mathematical physics, “Stationary solutions of the Vlasov-Poisson system with diffusive reflection boundary”, Sogang University, Korea, Feb. 21-22, 2013
○ (Invited) 2012 NCTS (Taiwan)-POSTECH (Korea) Joint Workshop on Partial Differential Equations, “Stationary solutions of the Vlasov-Poisson system with diffusive reflection boundary”, NCTS, Taiwan, Nov. 8-9, 2012
○ (Invited) Conference Kinetic Theory and Related Fields: Theoretical and Numerical Approaches, “Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Equation with or without boundary”, Kyoto University, Japan, Sept. 24-28, 2012
○ (Invited) BAIL2012, International Conference on Boundary and Interior Layers Computational and Asymptotic Methods, “Natural frequencies in capillary waves”, POSTECH, Korea, February 6th-10th, 2012
○ (Invited) NIMS-NFRI-ETRI Workshop, “Nonlinear Landau damping”, Daejeon, Dec. 8-9, 2011
○ (Invited) "Regularity for the Vlasov-Poisson system in a convex domain" Classical and Quantum Mechanical Models of Many-Particle Systems, Oberwolfach in Germany, Nov.23-Nov.29, 2003.
○ (Invited) "Hyperbolic chemotaxis model" AMS sessional meeting on Nonlinear Analysis and Applied mathematics in Bowling Green, KY. March, 2004.
○ (Invited) "Hyperbolic models of Bacterial chemotaxis" Mathematical Biology, Oberwolfach in Germany, May.14-May.20, 2006.
○ Boltzmann equations and its hydrodynamic limits, SISSA, Italy, Jun. 12-Jun. 17, 2006.
○ "Hyperbolic models of Bacterial chemotaxis", EuroConference "Which Mathematics for Biology?" in Crete, Greece, July 10-July 14, 2006.
○ "Hyperbolic models of Bacterial chemotaxis", SIAM-SMB joint conference in the Life Sciences in Raleigh, USA, July 31-Aug. 4, 2006.
○ (Invited) "Hyperbolic models of Bacterial chemotaxis", The Workshop of National Institute for Mathematical Sciences on PDE for applied sciences, Daejun, Korea, August 24-26, 2006.
○ (Invited) "From individual to collective behavior", BioInfo 2006, Postech, Pohang, Korea, Sept. 14-16, 2006
○ "From individual to collective behavior", Japanese-Korean Joint Meeting for Mathematical Biology, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, Sept. 16-18, 2006.
○ (Co-organizer) First International conference "Integrated Computational Biology" , Gyeongju, Dec. 6-8, 2006.
○ (Invited) "Pattern formation in biological systems", NIMS Workshop on Contemporory Mathematics II, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Daejun, Korea, Dec. 16-18, 2006.
○ "Asymptotic behaviors for the Vlasov theory near vacuum", KMS Spring Meeting, Incheon, Korea, Apr. 21, 2007.
○ (Invited) "Recent results in the Vlasov theory", Second Workshop on nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: Analysis, Computation and Application, Seoul National Univ, Korea, May. 31-June 2, 2007.
○ The 4th KWMS International Workshop (Session organizer), POSTECH, Korea, July 5, 2007.
○ (Organizer) The first summer school on Mathematical Biology "Mathematical Methods in Biology" , POSTECH, Korea, July 6 - July 7, 2007.
○ The SMB annual conference in the Life Sciences in San Jose, USA, July 31-Aug. 3, 2007.
○ (Co-organizer) The second KSMB conference, Daejeon, Korea, Nov. 2, 2007.
○ (Invited) The international conference on conservation laws and kinetic equations , Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, Nov. 24-Nov 29, 2007.
○ (Invited) "Pattern formation and selection", NIMS Workshop on Biomathematics, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Daejun, Korea, Nov. 29-30, 2007.
○ (Invited) "Chemotaix equations: existence theory and travelling waves", Workshop on biomechanics and chemotaxis, Linz, Austria, Dec. 10-14, 2007.
○ (Co-organizer) Young Asian Conference on Partial Differential Equations, POSTECH, South Korea, Jan. 28-29, 2008
○ (Invited) "Partial differential equations in Kinetic theory", KMS Spring Meeting, Daegu, Korea, Apr. 26, 2008.
Nonlinear waves conference, Providence, USA, May 8-11, 2008
○ (Invited) "Boundary Value Problems in Vlasov theory" NCTS Workshp on Dynamical systems, Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 23-25, 2008
○ (Invited) "Instability in Fluids and Plasma" The 9th International Workshop on Differential Equations, Chonnam National Univ., May 29-31, 2008
○ (Invited) “Magnetohydrodynamic instabilities, Intensive Lecture Program and International Conference on Nonlinear PDE and Applications, Pusan National Univ., June 9-13, 2008,
○ (Co-organizer) The third KSMB(Korean Society for mathematical biology) conference, Seoul, Korea, Oct. 10-11, 2008.
○ (Invited) "Instability of thin film and Hele-Shaw flows", Workshop on PDEs and Fluid Mechanics, Sungkyunkwan Univ., Dec. 8-10, 2008
○ (Invited) "Boundary value problems in Vlasov-Poisson system", Workshop on Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics, Chonbuk National Univ., Dec. 18-19, 2008
○ (Invited) "On the nonlinear Landau damping problem", NIMS workshop on mathematical analysis, numerics and applications in fluid and gas dynamics, NIMS, Feb. 2-3, 2009
○ (Invited) "On Vlasov-Poisson system", Workshop on mathematical science and nonlinear partial differential equations, Osaka Univ., Japan, Feb. 14, 2009
○ (Invited) “Boundary value problems in Vlasov-Poisson system”, Summer School and Workshop "TOPICS IN KINETIC THEORY", University of Victoria, Canada, June 29-July 3, 2009
○ (Invited) “Kinetic modeling and analysis in a chemosensitive movement”, 2009 Hot Topics Workshop on Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics, Seoul National Univ., Oct 22-24, 2009
○ (Organizer) Session on PDEs and their applications to biological systems, KSMB, Oct. 29-30, 2009
○ (Invited) “Kinetic modeling and analysis in a chemosensitive movement”, Conference of Elliptic and Parabolic equations, Kaist, Nov. 5-7, 2009
○ (Session organizer) “Modeling and anlaysis of biological systems”, KSIAM annual meeting, Nov. 27-28, 2009
○ (Invited) “Modeling and analysis in a chemosensitive movement”, 7th East-Asia conference on PDEs, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Dec. 14-18, 2009
○ (Invited) “On Landau damping problem”, KMS-AMS joint meeting, Seoul, Dec. 19, 2009
○ (Invited) “Instability in This Film Equations”, KMS Spring meeting, April. 24-25, 2010
○ (Invited) “Regularity for Vlasov-Poisson system”, International Workshop on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: Theory, Applications, and Computations, April 29-May 1, 2010
○ (Invited) “Kinetic model in chemotaxis”, FRG annual meeting on Kinetic theory, Brown University, May 10-14, 2010
○ (Invited) “mathematical models and methods in chemotaxis” (1 and 1/2 hour talk), School of Mathematical Biology, Meiji University, Japan, Sept. 14-17, 2010
○ (Invited) “Boundary Value problems in Vlasov theory”, Seoul National University, Oct. 21-23, 2010
○ (Invited) “Chemotaxis and traveling waves”, Conference on mathematical biology, Hiroshima, Japan, June 6-10, 2011
○ (Invited) “Bistable Stochastic Biochemical Networks”, 2011 KSMB annual meeting, UNIST, August 25-26 2011
○ (Invited) “Turing Instability”, 2nd PRIMA-PARC-PIMS International Workshop on Partial Differential Equations, SNU, August 25-27, 2011
○ (Invited) ICERM Semester Program Workshop on "Vlasov models in kinetic theory”, Brown University, Sept. 19-23, 2011